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Taka Kurokawa, Psy.D.(黒川隆徳)
Clinical Psychologist.(臨床心理学者/心理療法家)

Dr.Kurokawa is a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of California.
He has practiced in community-based, not-for-profit mental health organizations in Los Angeles for many years. Receiving a doctorate degree in clinical psychology with the emphasis area of multicultural community clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology at Los Angeles, he has been providing powerful, psychodynamic psychotherapy for many people with highly diverse background. Dr. Kurokawa also flexibly utilizes other techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy to address your certain issues when such needs arise. Practicing as a well-rounded generalist, his specialties also include multicultural adjustment issues, depression, anxieties, and personality disorders. Dr. Kurokawa has been actively involved in supervising intern therapists and enjoying their professional development as well.